Our Story

Morningstar technician fixing battery at a industrial site

We’re an innovative company driven by traditional ideals and pride in our identity.

Morningstar Services is an Indigenous-owned multi-trade service provider that delivers safe, innovative construction, facility service and technical solutions. Founded in 2013 by majority owner Chris Trainor of the Thessalon First Nation, our goal is to positively contribute to Canadian Indigenous economic growth through:

  • Supporting economically sustainable ventures with Indigenous organizations
  • Establishing career opportunities for the First Nation, Metis and Inuit workforce
Indigenous Engagement

Commitment to Indigenous Engagement

Creating opportunities for our company and Indigenous communities.

We recognize our responsibility as a business well-placed to contribute to economic self-determination for Indigenous communities.

We prioritize inclusion, empowering creativity, embracing a culture of respect and learning, and supporting career development. Morningstar has had a number of successful operational agreements with First Nations and Tribal Councils in Ontario. We have three primary objectives:

  • Be the first choice of the Canadian Indigenous workforce seeking to secure a career in the construction trades and facility services
  • Enter into strategic mutually-beneficial Indigenous community partnerships
  • Source and purchase supplies from other Indigenous-owned companies in our supply chain

We are proud of the culture we have created, as well as our ability to attract and retain valuable team members. As we grow, we are excited to increase our social impact across Canada.


We are entrusted with preserving the planet and environment for future generations.

Everything is used with the understanding that we take only what we need. We must use great care and be aware of how we take and how much of it so that future generations will thrive. Perhaps the biggest gift we can leave behind is a healthy environment, one where we co-exist in balance with all aspects of nature. We engage in practices that reflect this perspective:

  • Working with like-minded partners
  • Minimizing our impact on the earth through using certified green products
  • Sourcing supplies locally to reduce our carbon footprint
Morningstar Environment
Morningstar Safety & Quality


We frequently operate in challenging environments and our people’s safety comes first.

At Morningstar, we believe that excellence in occupational health, safety and environment is a philosophy inherent to how we do business in all aspects of our operations. Productivity, quality and cost-effectiveness can be achieved through the daily integration of our safety management systems and processes. In order to accomplish this we:

  • Implement consistent Safety Management measures to provide a safe workplace to people, equipment, materials, and the environment
  • Encourage a continuous improvement approach to Safety issues
  • Support the development of our workers through orientation, training, task instruction and equipment awareness, job task analyses, toolbox talks, and job analysis risk reviews
  • Establish effective planning to identify hazards and effectively mitigate risk
  • Reinforce our belief that all safety, health, and environmental incidents are preventable
  • Promote and maintain a work environment in which each of us accepts personal responsibility for our own safety and that of our colleagues, and in which everyone actively participates to ensure the safety and wellness of others

Membership & Associations

Morningstar is closely affiliated with Black & McDonald, one of Canada’s most respected multi-trade service providers.

We are proud of the business relationships we have established with Indigenous communities, businesses and organizations. Our close affiliation with Black & McDonald allows us to leverage a network of industry leading experts, experience and resources.

We strive to grow long-term, mutually beneficial working relationships that provide employment opportunities and help build communities. Our wide range of services and valued collaboration with our Indigenous partners shows an ethical approach paired with a stance for serving clients without compromise.

Our mandate is to contribute to Canadian Indigenous economic growth through the creation of sustainable economic joint ventures with Indigenous organizations, facilitating apprenticeship and career opportunities and honouring the culture where we operate.

Morningstar Membership & Associations